Dennis Cheatham

Dennis Cheatham


When asked why he coaches, Coach and co-owner Dennis stated very matter of factly, "to have a positive influence on individuals' health, wellness, fitness and performance, because people just don't know what they are capable of."⁣⠀
Early in his career, he was able to be that positive influence to some of the younger athletes he was coaching at the time. It was then when he realized how important the client-coach relationship truly is, and how a genuine relationship is required in order to see positive change in those clients.⠀
⠀ ⠀
It is those genuine relationships that drove him to change our business model after 9 years in the industry to the OPEX Gym model, and only deliver fitness in a manner that we 100% believe is best for people.

With 25 years experience in this field, he is a sought after coach for all types of individuals. He enjoys working with what he calls "everyday Joe's", competitive athletes, as well as using his background in Sports Medicine to work with clients through some of the most difficult rehabilitation situations. His own vast collection of life experiences also brings a level of wisdom and compassion to the relationship he has with each of his clients.

Once you get done reading through his extensive list of credentials, schedule your free consult to see if he is the right coach for you.

Credentials/Certifications/Awards: B.S. Bio/Chem/ATC Belmont University, M.S. Exercise Physiology & Health Promotions Middle TN State University, National Athletic Trainer Association Certified, National Strength & Conditioning Association Certified, OPEX CCP Level 1, CrossFit Level I & II Certificate, CrossFit Mobility Trainer, CrossFit Gymnastics Cert., CrossFit Football, USAW Advanced Sports Performance, USAW Club Coach, United States Soccer Federation “C” National Licensed, National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist, CPR, First AID
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