Michael Trigo

Michael Trigo

Meet Coach Michael:

I was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and was raised in a little town called Alice.
Since a young age, I have been around sports and fitness. As a kid, I would lift weights with my Dad in our garage gym and run bleachers with him at our high school football field. I played football, basketball, and roller hockey with the neighborhood kids, as well as little league and middle school football/basketball. Although I did not play sports in high school, I stayed active by being a skateboarder punk. Through most of my adult life, lifting weights (bodybuilding) has been my main choice of exercise. After graduating high school, things at home weren't great and my parents divorced, sending me into a depression. For months I battled and went through some hard times. I wasn’t eating much and slept all the time and avoided my friends/family. One day, I decided I was fed up with feeling terrible and decided I needed to make some changes. I got back into exercising and it helped me through those tough times. At the time, I didn’t realize how much being healthy can affect one’s mood and outlook on life. After I was able to get back into the swing of things, I began navigating life to find my career path.

I completed my undergraduate degree and spent the next 13 years exploring and even working in different careers. However, I never quite felt fulfilled, and I certainly wasn’t getting any younger, so I decided it was time for a change. I wanted a career that would get me excited to wake up in the morning. It was then I realized that fitness was always a constant thought my life, and was what ultimately pulled me through the rough times. My friends and family always believed that I could be a great personal trainer, so I started to explore my options as a fitness professional. I started with my CrossFit L-1 and coached group classes for about a year. While I enjoyed those classes, I found that I wanted to be able to provide more for my clients. I didn’t just want to coach them through a workout a few times a week. I wanted to have a greater impact on their lives, and I learned very quickly that true results didn’t come just from the work inside the gym, but through proper nutrition, recovery, and lifestyle, and those items couldn’t be covered in an hour class.

So, I visited OPEX Franklin, where I met Tara and Dennis Cheatham. We had a lengthy conversation about their philosophy of coaching and what OPEX is, and I knew it was where I needed to be. As someone pursuing my own personal health and wellness, I understand first hand that exercise is not the only piece of the puzzle. Nutrition, rest, recovery, hobbies, self-care, are all key factors that make a person healthy. The feeling and joy that I get from bettering myself with exercise, proper nutrition, and discipline are things that I want to share with others.

Therefore, I COACH!

Credentials: CF-L1, CCP Candidate

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