Stacey Greenway

Stacey Greenway

Meet Coach Stacey:

As a youngster, Stacey took an interest in art and visual design and quickly developed a keen sense of spatial comprehension which was nurtured by his father, a welder and amateur artist. While Stacey’s personal fitness journey would not begin until some-time in his late teens, his ability to interpret movement, form images and predict patterns—skills that would later prove crucial to coaching and physical performance—would grow.

In his late teens, Stacey, like so many who want to look good and “get in shape,” took up running for weight loss. Over the span of his college Freshman to Junior years, he would go on to become an exceptional half-marathoner, eventually setting a lifetime half marathon best of 1:23:34 in March of 2003. However, about a year prior to this, Stacey had begun taking martial arts classes offered by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and through his growing participation in this and other forms of training and sport, including weight training, he discovered many weaknesses. With a newfound determination to become stronger, more disciplined and more athletic, he went on to obtain black belts in three martial arts disciplines—Isshin Ryu Karate and forms of Iaido and Jodo—while continuing to weight train.

Around this time, Stacey began his coaching career with a position as a martial arts instructor for children and adults at a local gym. It was there that he took an interest in personal training and decided to parlay his gifts and his coaching and training experiences into a personal training career. He took on a role as a personal trainer along with his duties as a martial arts instructor.

In 2007 Stacey discovered CrossFit, which developed a passion for barbell lifting. In 2010 Stacey’s first role as a strength and conditioning coach came at a CrossFit gym in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Over the next eight years, he would coach countless athletes across all levels of ability in the fundamentals of lifting, while furthering his education with the likes of such coaches as Glenn Pendlay, Travis Mash and Don McCauley.

Stacey currently holds his CrossFit Level One and USAW Level One and is working towards his OPEX CCP certification. Having immersed himself in the OPEX model of professional, individualized program design and joined the ranks of the OPEX Franklin staff, his personal and career trajectories are now aligned. With his unique experience and education, he is poised to provide a service that addresses one’s physical performance and actualization as well as his or her total wellness.

Credentials/Certifications: Bachelor of Arts (English Literature/Philosophy), USAW Sports Performance Coach, CrossFit L1, and 11+ years in the fitness industry, OPEX CCP Level 1 candidate

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