Tara Cheatham

Tara Cheatham


When you complete the form to schedule a free consult, I will be the one calling you:) I will ask you a few questions to get to know you a bit, so it is only fair that you get to know a little about me:

"Fitness is not my top priority". -Coach Tara⁣

Yes, you read that correctly. I am a professional coach, owner of a fitness facility for a decade, a woman that is truly passionate about the work I do in the fitness industry, and I just stated that fitness is not my top priority.⁣

How can that be? Don't I just love doing plank holds, burpees, push-ups, pull-ups, and squats? The answer is...not really. ⁣😲⁣

⁣Fitness has always been an important part of my life, but that was because my fitness always allowed me to excel at whatever was important to me at that season of my life. Fitness is meant to be the medium for us to live larger lives.⁣

When I was younger, living a larger life meant earning a 💰scholarship to play college ⚽soccer.⁣

Years later, my fitness meant I was able to effectively train the soccer teams I coached.⁣

A few years later, my meaning of living a larger life shifted to include a healthy pregnancy and thriving 👶baby.⁣

When I tore my ACL late 2017, I found myself unable to do many of the things that I had apparently been taking for granted.⁣

Through the course of my rehab, I began to understand the true meaning of what it meant to be fit, and it had nothing to do with how much weight I could lift weight or how fast I could run.⁣

My aha moment came about 6 months after surgery, while enjoying a sunny day in an Arizona river, with a knee that was not 100% yet. There was a picturesque area I wanted to get to, with many rocks and rapids, and just enough shade from an overhanging 🌳tree. ⁣

Feeling a little unsure, I essentially crab 🦀walked over the rocks carefully, until I reached my destination. The feeling I had when I picked the perfect rock to perch on, in the middle of all the beautiful rapids, was amazing. Yes, the cool 💦water and warm 🌞sun felt great on my skin, but it was the feeling that I was physically ABLE to do what I wanted to do, was what made my aha moment. ⁣

I am pretty sure some call that feeling EMPOWERMENT. ⁣

When I remember that feeling, and everything it allows me to do, it is much easier to be consistent with my workouts🙂, even though they are not my top priority.⁣

Now how about you? What are YOUR top priorities? What does success look like for you a year from now? I would love to hear the answer to some of those questions. Don't know the answers? Not sure? No worries! We can work with that too:) Sign up for your free consult, and let's talk!

Certifications/Awards: Bachelor of Science Belmont University, OPEX CCP L1 Candidate, CrossFit Level II Coach, CrossFit Mobility Trainer, CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer, CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer, USAW Sports Performance Coach, USSF National D License
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