About OPEX Franklin


For most of us there is a division between the life we ​​would like to live and actually knowing how to live it ...

OPEX Franklin changes all that!

OPEX Franklin is a fitness and strength gym located in Cool Springs, where we focus on teaching you how to train correctly. But more than that, we are a way of thinking.

An environment of honesty and responsibility. A community of people who seek to be fit - not as the goal - but as the means to live bigger and healthier lives.

We believe that strength - in mind, body and spirit - takes time.

It requires personal commitment and discipline. But it also requires surrounding you with people who push you beyond what you always thought possible.

We believe that everyone is different - and what works for one does not necessarily work for another.

It is about you knowing where you are in your own mental and physical path - we are only here to help you discover more about yourself and what you are capable of becoming, even if you cannot even imagine it just yet!

We believe that we are not a fashion - we are not a quick remedy (we have learned that those do not fix anything).

If you are looking for an easy solution for your health and fitness or a place for a 'binge' of training for your next triathlon, we are not that. We are not a 6-week juice detox or a 60-day exercise program. We are the path of discovering your potential for your entire life.

We believe that too many gyms have pushed many people to train at "high intensity" without having the necessary foundation - which leads to injuries and feelings of defeat.
We believe that strength and fitness really require a solid foundation.

And we believe that steady progress wins the race by becoming the best version of yourself. It's not about killing yourself so you cannot move the next day, but it's about challenging your body to be fit enough to enjoy everything you do every day.

We believe in this because we have seen this transformation happen again and again with our clients.

At OPEX Franklin, there is room for all types of athletes of any age and physical capacity. Whether you want to compete against your friends in a Spartan Race, qualify for the university's soccer team or raise your energy level to keep up with your children or grandchildren, we will give you the tools and support to get there. We not only fix a problem, we adopt a holistic view of fitness: strength, flexibility, nutrition, cardio and most importantly: your confidence and self-esteem.

When you become part of OPEX Franklin, you belong. It's that simple.

You become part of a team that works hard ... but one that does it with the heart and not with shouting and harassment. We are dedicated to offer you the best coaching, service and support, because it is what you deserve.

We believe in you, in your goals and your needs.

And we do not say it as a poster with inspiring phrases, but offering you a real and personalized solution.
Whether you are a competitive athlete or someone who wants to improve your energy to beat a busy life, you have our commitment.

At OPEX Franklin, the results are seen, the goals are reached and the progress is achieved every day for all our clients.

We operate with a class-closed philosophy: we first meet and talk with our potential clients before we start. We do not seek to exclude anyone, but make sure that you receive exactly what you need and that our community maintains high standards of integrity - and heart. We want to attract the right customers, not the largest number of clients. We promise that we will make you responsible for your own standards so that you achieve your personal goals, whatever they may be.

Our goal is to train you from the inside out and establish the solid foundation you need for your development. We train your body and your mind. We will leave you feeling better, stronger, more fit and with more confidence. This is our promise.

So, do you want to live your life with purpose and train with us? We would love to meet you!

Request a consultation so we can get to know you and know what your goals are about. Let's make your life and health goals a reality starting right now!


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