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Whether you have been drinking the CrossFit Kool-aid for years, or just now heard of this training phenomena and are curious about what it can do for you, we can help.
We are very well-versed in the area of CrossFit, having been affiliated as CrossFit Talon starting back in 2009. Our head coach and owner, Dennis Cheatham, has even competed at the CrossFit Games himself. If you are unfamiliar with the CrossFit Games, it is the highest level an athlete can reach in the sport. The winner is crowned “Fittest on Earth”. Dennis not only competed in the Masters Division in 2014, but also has coached several athletes to the Games and Regional levels. We enjoy the sport of CrossFit, and still coach many athletes who compete in CrossFit Open each year as well as local competitions.

However, we found ourselves limited by teaching CrossFit in the traditional group fitness setting. Our newbie clients just didn’t have the necessary foundation of strength and movement to be able to safely participate in the workouts over the long term, and our competitive athletes weren’t able to target their weaknesses necessary to excel in the sport in the class setting. We learned through the years that the “one size fits all” approach to fitness is not the appropriate solution for individuals, no matter what level they are at. These differences require attention that our previous class model didn’t allow, which had created much frustration for us as health and fitness providers.



Therefore, as the best people and companies do, we evolved. We began to implement a system that provided an improved relationship between coach and client so that there would be strategies developed and implemented during the program to improve in the areas of health that needed attention. We noticed quickly that these clients were more successful in all areas that they were wanting to focus upon, whether it be nutrition, lifestyle, strength, conditioning, the sport of CrossFit, or just to have a more balanced and healthy life. We are still in this system today, as we whole-heartedly believe this is by far the best way to deliver fitness, and the continued success stories of our clients continue to support that belief.

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If you are currently a CrossFit athlete, recreational or elite, who wants to get better at the sport, improving on those specific weaknesses you have, we can create a program to do so. If you have injuries, we can help figure out why and get you back on track.
If you are new to CrossFit but it has caught your attention and you want to give it a try, we can create a program for you to safely do so.
Our commitment to continual education and the passion for sharing that knowledge ensures that we will continue to provide the finest experience possible in your pursuit of fitness known as the OPEX Experience, at OPEX Franklin.

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