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It's time to reclaim control of your routine, daily rhythm, and energy!

The next eight to twelve weeks is about taking control of your health and fitness at home.

This is easier said than done because staying consistent, accountable, and in control at home is a challenge that was made even more difficult less than two weeks ago when:​

  • Everything was flipped upside down
  • Your priorities changed in an instant
  • You got a new work schedule
  • Your gym access is gone
  • Social life changed

On top of that, you're starting to see fitness challenges, live-streamed workouts, and discounted at home coaching hit your social feed. They all look good because they're quick workouts but you're wondering if the programs are going to be worth your time because:

  • Not personalized to your changing needs
  • Don't match your new stress level
  • No accountability built-in
  • You don't have the equipment required​

Your OPEX coach helps you solve for all of these by providing you a completely personalized health & fitness plan at home!

With years of experience working with remote clients, your OPEX coach personalizes your program to your current fitness level and available workout equipment/space. Your plan keeps your changing stress levels, state of mind, and new priorities at the forefront.

Your accountability is built-in daily by tracking your results, weekly with mini check-ins, and monthly with meetings to provide support in nutrition, sleep, stress, and much more. Communication with you is a top priority.

With a personalized workout plan, clear direction for daily habits, and accountability built right in you can say no to Googling a new fitness routine and yes to an all-inclusive membership with the support that can't be beaten!

Discover Our FREE 14 Day Home Program

Nothing can compare to a personalized plan built from scratch, but we want you to experience the OPEX method! Try this two-week program designed for those with minimal equipment or a full home gym.

Premium Remote Membership Includes:

  • Initial health and wellness consultation (30-45 minutes)
  • One virtual assessment (60-75 minutes)
  • Unlimited personalized weekly workouts
  • Nutrition and lifestyle coaching
  • Weekly mini check-ins (15 minutes)
  • Monthly check-ins (30-40 minutes)
  • Access to virtual coaching during your daily workouts
  • Unlimited access to the facility when we are up & running for length of contract

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