Have you ever said “Oh…I could never have the discipline it takes to do that”? Perhaps all you need is this small shift in perspective.

You have a goal, and you know the small things you do daily, and consistently, will help you get to that goal. But then your bed is so warm on a cold rainy morning, or that cake at the office for yet another birthday is just a short walk to the break room. Suddenly, what you want at that moment takes control.

Don’t beat yourself up…we have all been there, and even given into the warm bed and the food we vowed to avoid. And to be honest, there is definitely room in a well-balanced, sustainable plan that includes days to stay under the covers as well as days to celebrate with your coworkers with a piece of cake.

The secret lies in all the other days.

Just a small reminder to yourself of what it is you want MOST can be the little boost of motivation you need on those days when other enticing things come your way. Perhaps a note by your bed side, or this quote on your phone’s wallpaper can be that little reminder, your immunity on those days when what you want now tries to get in the way of what you want most.

And #truth time: if focusing on what you want most doesn’t help you through those challenging moments, then you may want to re-explore what you think you want most.

Aligning your behaviors with your priorities will be very effective when working towards a goal.

Our professional coaches specialize in helping our clients align behaviors with priorities. Each client works with a specific coach to develop a plan just for them, and each month, the client sits down face to face with his/her coach to ensure the program is working.

Reaching your goals doesn’t have to be so frustrating. It will of course require work, but having a coach in your corner to develop a plan and hold you accountable to that plan is priceless.

Our first consult is always FREE, and now we are offering a FREE 4 week trial with paid assessment so you can be sure our program (which is YOUR personalized program), is the right fit for you.

OPEX Franklin

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