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Reaching your fitness goals requires following a long and steady road.

There will be times when you feel unmotivated and you will want to give up. This is actually very normal, so you shouldn’t be surprised when these feeling creep into your being.

To get through times like these you need not only people, but solid behaviors  as well that hold you accountable. That is why we encourage all of our clients to develop what we like to call a fitness support network. A network of family, friends, habits, and behaviors that help stay on track to reach your goals.

So to help you find success, here are 6 easy step to help you to build your own fitness support network.

1) Tell Your Friends and Family

First, share your goals with your friends and family, and even the “why” behind those goals. The more you say your goals out loud, the more real they will become. Further, ask your friends to hold you accountable. A simple text asking you if you’re on track or a even just a reminder to prep your meals for the week can go a long way on those days you are feeling unmotivated.

2) Find a Workout Buddy

Second, find someone with similar goals and become workout buddies. Work out together whenever possible, even if you have different workouts, and share your goals with them often. Plan walks together on your days off from the gym. Having a scheduled workout partner will add a layer of accountability, and even make it more fun. It’s one thing to skip out on a workout, it’s another thing entirely to blow off a friend!

3) Be the Decision Maker

Be the decision-maker. When you are with your friends and family, be comfortable making decisions for the group that will benefit your progress. This can include making plans for the day that keep everyone active, or picking the restaurant for dinner. We often host people rather than attend elsewhere so we have control over the menu, and people always love what we feed them! If they ask what they can bring, TELL THEM! I have even sent them recipes to choose from before, and not only did they make a delicious side, but they learned a new healthy dish for their own household.

At times being the decision-maker can be tough. You may face some criticism, but in the end, you’ll thank yourself and there’s a pretty good chance they might as well once they see that being healthy doesn’t mean missing out.

4) Identify Relationships and Environments That Drive Poor Habits

Next, identify relationships and environments that drive poor habits. Make some observations of yourself: when do you find yourself straying from your goals? Who are you with, what are you doing, and what is the catalyst?

Then, take steps to remove yourself from those settings, replacing them with ones that better support your goals. Negative decisions tend to compound and so do positive ones. When you skip Friday’s happy hour to eat dinner at home, you may just find yourself going to bed earlier and waking up more refreshed for your Saturday morning workout. Win/Win!

5) Plan Healthy Activities

Building on steps 3 and 4, plan healthy activities that support your goals. Looking to catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while? Why not skip the glass of wine and opt for a walk around the park or neighborhood? You may even find that the conversation is better outdoors, and if it is sunny, you will get the bonus of extra Vitamin D for the day!

6) Learn to Say No

Finally, learn to say no. This is probably the most difficult step and it takes practice. But start saying no to things that undermine your values and goals. Practice saying no to extra food when you are already full, activities that will impede your progress, and environments that do not support your goals.

Remember that you are your first priority, and it is okay to honor that! To better help others, you’ve got to help yourself.

Support Equals Success

You can always tackle your goals alone, but it is always easier, and more fun, when you have support.

Are you looking for your own fitness support network?

If so, we would love to have you join ours at OPEX Franklin. You will find a whole community of link-minded individuals when it comes to health and wellness. Pair that with personalization of your workout, nutrition, and lifestyle program from your own coach, and you have a recipe for success! Contact us today to schedule your free, no pressure…”I just want to learn more” consult today!

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