Personalized Nutrition – The 3 Pillars

What comes to mind when you think of nutrition?

Through thousands of client consultations across OPEX Gyms all over the world, we’ve found a common trend when new clients are asked about their nutrition habits. The answers are almost always related to:

  • the type of food being eaten (“good” or “bad”)
  • the quantity (total calories and macros)
  • the numerous fad diets that have failed to make a lasting change

We have found what limits so many people from finding long-term success and freedom in their nutritional choices, is what we are calling “the missing link”…  a connection to the intention behind eating food.

In other words, we spend way too much time thinking about what we’re eating and not enough time thinking about what we’re eating for. In today’s world, food is boiled down to a clean versus a cheat meal, or just broken down int  grams of carbs, fat, and protein. We’ve lost touch with why we eat in the first place.

At OPEX Franklin and all our OPEX Gyms, we boil it down to three pillars of intention for personalized nutrition: Brain, Body, and Life.

Brain – Mental Acuity

The food you intake needs to support great mental acuity. Mental acuity refers to how sharp your mind is and also includes memory and concentration. Have you ever felt sluggish after a big lunch and found it impossible to concentrate through the afternoon at work? Or how about the required nap after a holiday meal? These all to common feelings are perfect examples of food not supporting mental acuity. This lack of nutritional support prevents you from being at your sharpest, and therefore, most productive.

Body – Functional Support

The second pillar of personalized nutrition is functional support. This is food that supports your daily function, whether that means being on your feet at work, carrying your kids, be doing yard work, having stamina and resilience on work trips, or even just your regular training in the gym.

Life – A Larger Life

Finally, personalized nutrition supports you in living a larger life. This is food that will support your purpose in life, whatever it may be. Let’s say you love going on long hikes, rock climbing or bouldering, all while surrounded by nature. Or perhaps you take joy in competing in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, or maybe you live for a weekend on the lake. This is the food that will support you to keep you energized throughout the week, allowing you to engage in your favorite activities for a lifetime, instead of spending Saturday on the couch recovering from the stress of the week. It’s food that helps you thrive through life…not just survive it.

So….does the food you eat support your brain, body, and life? If you’re not sure, a great first step is to schedule a free consult with us and meet with a coach who can help you understand what these 3 pillars mean for YOU, as we are all differentFrom there, we can help determine what nutrition and lifestyle plan can help you fulfill them.

Move with intent.

Eat with intent.

Live with intent.

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