Matt K.
OPEX Franklin client

Matt K.

Matt is just a normal guy in today’s world, who spends his days behind the computer screen programming for a local company.

He gained some weight over the winter and wasn't happy about it.

He had been watching the success several of his coworkers were having in their fitness journey with OPEX Franklin and decided it was time for him to make some changes, and join the tribe.

 Over a few short months, Matt has made small changes that have made a huge impact in his life. From cutting down on eating fast food a couple times a week, to drinking more water, and making sure he is getting adequate sleep, Matt feels a 100% better than when he first started.

He has also been committed to working out 3x/week for the past 3 months. This has lead Matt to lose 20 pounds!

 Along with Matt's new fitness goals, his wife has become more active with him and they love to go on walks together.

Matt is even starting to plan ahead for his weekly meals and recently made his first trip to the farmer’s market to pick up locally sourced food.

 “I feel much more energized throughout the day and just feel better overall. My life has completely taken a 180 degree turn and I now feel in control.”

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