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Where is the Fitness Industry Going?

In much of the world’s history, fitness as a trend or business didn’t exist. Hundreds of years ago, fitness was mainly a byproduct of soldiers training for battle. Fast forward a hundred years ago to where pockets of the world were interested in gymnastics and strongman fitness as forms of athleticism and entertainment. Fast-forward fifty …

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Fitness is more than sweat

Fitness is in the eyes of the beholder. All that really means is that your experience with fitness is different than everybody else’s. But, what is consistent across the board is that people do fitness for a reason. When you understand that reason, you will find great enjoyment and progress in your health and fitness …

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Fitness for our Youth – How can we do Better?

What is your definition of fitness? What experiences have led you to that definition? For some of us, our definition was shaped by our experience in athletics, simply a tool to improve our performance. For others, fitness was something only the “jocks” did, and our first encounter with “fitness” wasn’t until we needed a solution, …

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5 Smart Ways to Drink More Water

It is pretty safe to say that we love water here at OPEX Franklin. This necessary element of life has a whole host of benefits. It helps with recovery, cognitive function, satiety, skin health, and the list goes on and on. That’s why our coaches recommend you drink at least half of your body weight …

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Fitness Support Network

Reaching your fitness goals requires following a long and steady road. There will be times when you feel unmotivated and you will want to give up. This is actually very normal, so you shouldn’t be surprised when these feeling creep into your being. To get through times like these you need not only people, but …

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Homemade Bone Broth

Got Bone Broth? . Bone broth seems to be everywhere right now! There are many claims about how bone broth can have a positive impact on your health, including improved gut, bone, and joint health, stronger immune system, as well as lowering systemic inflammation. If you are pinched for time, you can find a high …

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How to Make Fitness Stick After January

January is always a special month, especially after surviving a year like 2020. Many of us are ushering in 2021 with the hope for a brighter future. Often times, many people flock to gyms with a fiery motivation to hit their goals and make this year different from the last one, especially after possibly putting …

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Reducing Every Day Toxins for Better Health

Reduce Everyday Toxins and Improve Your Health! We are surrounded by toxins every.single.day. They are in everything we eat, the products we use, and the air we breathe, which is why many just consider these toxins to be normal. While that may be true, what is also true is these toxins are indeed messing with …

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