Jennifer B.

Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I approached Tara a few months ago because I THOUGHT I had a weight and energy problem. Little did I know that the ID program would isolate and target so many issues that I had around food, working out, hormones, adrenals, and my body in particular. The progress I’ve made has been more than I ever expected — not just weight loss and gains in strength, but also new perspectives on what works for me, what “success” really looks like, how to listen to my body to determine what it wants/needs, and the power of rest and SLOW. I can’t begin to convey how grateful I am that, at halfway through my life at this point, I have a new mindset on health and happiness and a daily roadmap to reach my goals! The ID program truly is individual design, and Tara has treated me 100% as the individual I am, and not some boxed cookie mix to be stirred up, pressed out, and baked. I’m so thankful!

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