Mike C.

“After years of participating in group training, the travel associated with my career made it difficult to be consistent with my training. Even though I enjoyed the group setting, the inconsistency in my attendance would ultimately leave me feeling wrecked for days after the classes, which left me feeling drained at work, and at home, stealing away precious time from my wife and kids.”

When Coach Dennis approached me in December 2016 about becoming an Individual Design client, I was willing to give it a try, as I had been missing the balance in my life associated with good health and fitness. I worked closely with Dennis in order for him to develop a personalized program, which included lifestyle and nutrition, that worked for me, my schedule, my priorities both inside and outside of the gym, and most of all, my family.

The days of soreness after workouts are gone, and I love that I feel like I could work out every day. The focus on my individual needs and goals has enabled me to improve my fitness to levels I wasn’t able to achieve through generic programming. I am better equipped to handle my professional career with travel, and have plenty of energy left for my family at the end of the day. I recently went through an even busier season in preparation for a promotion, and we made adjustments to my personalized program to fit my changing needs. I was able to maintain balance and thrive, not just survive, during a very involved time. I love the flexibility and accountability of the OPEX Franklin program, and love having a professional coach in my corner.”

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